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Monday, April 5, 2010

Excellent eggs

It's that time of the year! Do you have a big bowl of colored eggs? This is a great time of the year to try hard-boiled eggs if your kids don't eat them already. They are one of the best sources of protein, plus vitamins (including vitamin D!) and minerals.

Kids love to crack and peel them. Here are some ideas for adding hard-boiled eggs to meals:
  • Slice eggs horizontally and use them for a "circle meal" or as the centers of pepper flowers
  • Make quick egg salad -- mash peeled eggs with a potato masher, then add a bit of mayo or greek yogurt, mustard, and chopped celery. To add more crunch I often add finely chopped carrots and peppers, too. This makes a yummy sandwich on whole-grain bread, or add a small scoop to half a seeded tomato or pepper for lunch in an edible bowl.
  • For a hearty breakfast: cut a slice of toast in half, add sliced hard-boiled eggs and a bit of reduced-fat cheese. Throw this in the toaster oven or broiler for a minute to melt the cheese, then add the other half of the toast for a delicious breakfast sandwich.
  • Add chopped hard-boiled eggs to a salad.
Be safe! Make sure that hard-boiled eggs are well chilled. They should not spend more than a few hours total out of the refrigerator during the cooking and dying process, including any time they are out for display or egg hunts. Eat hard-boiled eggs within a week of cooking.

Today's tip: Enjoy eggs!

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