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Friday, September 3, 2010

Kiwi fruit

Each week I buy the produce that is on sale at the grocery store. One of this week's sale items was kiwi frut so I stocked up. Deacon is my biggest kiwi fan – he was so excited to see them in our fruit bowl.

Kiwis can look intimidating, but are so easy to enjoy! Just wash them, slice them in half, and let your kids scoop out the green fruit with a spoon.

The seeds, white interior portion, and even the brown fuzzy skin are all edible. You can also peel and slice, dice, or wedge a kiwi; however, including the skin triples the fiber content as opposed to eating just the inside. If you are leaving the skin on a kiwi I would recommend either thin slices or small diced chunks for young children.

Kiwis are an excellent source of Vitamin C, with more than twice the RDA for Vitamin C in each serving. Kiwis are also great sources of fiber and potassium, plus magnesium, folate, zinc, Vitamin E, and lutein (which protects against eye damage).

I can't say I've been that creative with kiwi this week – we just sliced or scooped it and enjoyed it as is. Kiwi would make a sweet topping for ice cream or frozen yogurt and it looks beautiful in a fruit salad.

Today's tip: Serve up some kiwi fruit to your family.

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