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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fish -- take two

Ok, time to try fish again! I breaded filet of sole to become “fish schnitzel.” Traditionally, schnitzel is served in Austria as breaded and fried veal with lemon slices, but other meats are used as well. It's such a fun name that we call any crispy meat cutlet (or fish) schnitzel – and more of it gets eaten! (I apologize to any Austrian people we may offend.)

I took sole filets and dredged them in whole wheat flour, beaten eggs, and seasoned panko crumbs. I went all out with the three-step breading process to make for crispy crunchy fish. I pan-seared them in a bit of olive oil and served the fish with lemon wedges, summer veggies and fruit.

The kids loved squirting lemon juice on their fish (and veggies, and fruit) and tried it after hearing how crunchy it was when I bit into it. They love to bite into crunchy things and see if I can hear them from across the table.

Between the breading and oil this is a higher calorie way to serve fish, but it was so delicious! I balanced the heavier fish by serving it with farm fresh veggies and fruit for a well-rounded meal.

Today's tip: Try making schnitzel using fish, beef, pork, or chicken cutlets.

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